• What is Konjo Naturally?

Konjo Naturally is a unique hair care boutique for the modern day natural baddie. We retail hair care products exclusively from black-owned brands. All the products we carry are formulated with holistic ingredients. Learn more here. 

  • When did Konjo Naturally launch?

We launched in November 2019.

  • How can I support?

Shop with us stink! Follow us on our socials and just send us love, it's always received. 


  • Can you guys tell me what's in my box before I purchase? (Customized Hair Care Box)

Of course! It is not automated because your quiz results are reviewed by our team before your box is curated. Send an email to konjonaturally@gmail.com and we will let you know what products you will be receiving in your box.

  • Do you all formulate your own products?

Nope! Our shop is powered by black-owned brands. We wanted to create a space for our fellow product junkies/enthusiast to shop freely with out worries of toxic ingredients or ambiguous ownership. Shop brands here.


  • How can I get Konjo Naturally to distribute my products/ feature my brand?

We are always open to work with up and coming brands! Please send an email to konjonaturally@gmail.com with the following information:

-Whole sale price list
-Ingredient list
-Manufacturing process (home lab, cosmetic chemist, manufacture, etc.)
-official website
-all brand social media
We will correspond with you from there.


Additional questions? Press inquiries? Influencer collabs? Hit us up at konjonaturally@gmail.com