Our Mission

Konjo Naturally’s mission is to simplify the modern woman's natural hair journey through customized services, cultural enrichment, and the promotion of holistic brands.

  • Our CEO

  • Hey curl friend!

    My name is Helena Hailu and I am an HBCU student and first generation Ethiopian-American living in the DMV. As the CEO of Konjo Naturally, I am a recovering product junkie.

    The first step to recovery is recognizing you have a problem. When I realized my dorm room was decorated with more hair products than posters (most of which didn’t even work for me), I knew it was time for an intervention.

    After 3 years of experience as a brand ambassador, I began to take note of the products that do and don’t work for different hair textures, porosities, and styles.

    With the help of The Butterland, Hydratherma Naturals and other black-owned brands Konjo Naturally has developed a quiz that will match you with the right hair care product for your unique hair.

    Take our quiz and get matched today!

    What's New?

    We also launched a "shop all" feature during COVID to make clean hair care products more accessible. Lastly, our loc shop is powered by light weight products exclusively for locs. Enjoy our customized shopping experience!